Through the Seasons

This song is about so much more than what you think. It’s intimate but also far. As we pass through seasons in our lives it’s so easy to look back and regret what has been done, said or even thought, but sometimes when life gets you under, when life gets you down you just have to look forward. That’s what this song is about, we find as three guys going through the same struggles in life as everyone else, three fairly ordinary guys making their way through the world that if you can put down what you feel, you feel it more. That’s the reason we wrote this song. The song is a story, a timeline as such, it starts as a scared youth leaving the niceties of life at home, where one can lounge in front of a log burning fire with an episode of blue peter and it ends with a man, a fully grown man who having left the quiet comforts of home has found something greater, he’s found life itself. Something all three of us have had to go through. Of course home through this process (and beyond) is always home, where you can be truly yourself, there are no places to hide and no need to, that’s what makes it so special but sometimes you need to push through those curtains and walk onto the stage full of yourself, full of who you need to be, not who someone else needs you to be. That’s why we wrote this song and we hope you liked it.



  1. GoodnightTheSkye · March 12, 2016

    Really great and really relatable song, you guys are gonna go far.


  2. Jasmin N (@jjjasuuu) · March 12, 2016

    loved this song! It’s great.

    <3: Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy


  3. jasminekeclipse · March 13, 2016

    This is such a relatable song. I like that you bring up the aspect of “when life gets you under, when life gets you down you just have to look forward.” It’s that kind of optimism that will get you far and bring you success because happiness only breeds more happiness, right? I dig this! 🙂

    Jasmine /


  4. Rose Sahetapy · March 13, 2016

    Have you guys considered to hire a student music videographer? Credit their name on your music video as excahnge of making your video. Just an idea.


  5. I enjoyed this! Nice song!


  6. Raffa · March 14, 2016

    Is that keyboard a Yamaha? Also, do any of you have studied music? For how long?
    I really like this but I advise you to make a different video, more appealing.

    P.S. Comming from a musician for years and years with a degree in marketing. 😛 (also as a musician: what a great great band!)


    • goldfishjones · March 15, 2016

      Can’t remember what keyboard it was. None of us have actually studied music. yeah the video isn’t great, just fired it up anyway. Thanks!


  7. awelderswife007 · March 15, 2016

    Lovely song! Thank you for sharing it!


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