A Lonely Journey

Travelling can be a lonely thing, today as I left the emerald isle once again I had an epiphany. One of those moments that just strikes you, you can’t help but sit back and say, wow. As I sit in this high stool in Belfast International airport with 25 minutes until my gate is shown, I am eating a meal deal from Superdrug. A BLT sandwich on malted bread, a diet coke and to top it all off a wispa gold. I’m sitting people watching as you do, and wondering about the stories of my fellow lone travellers, where are they going, why? Other questions are raised like ‘should I have gone to burger king?’ and ‘WHS Smith had club rock shandy, maybe I should have tried there?’. I have seen someone who I recognise here, I believe he recognises me too, its awkward and we are certainly keeping our distance. The stress levels are quite high though because although I’m past security, what happens if me and said gentleman are sitting together. That is a social situation I don’t want to be in. The good news is that my play station and Starwars Battlefront have made it this far, so raise a bottle of coke to many happy games running things in Hoth.


10 Things Donald Trump DOESN’T want you to know!

Lol caught you a cracker. Truth be told we know very little about Donald Trump or in fact politics in general. Instead we’re giving you the chance to delve into the forgotten world of our back catalogue and forgotten songs. So here is the extensive listand where you can hear them:

1. Take My Heart

Arguably the worst song we’ve ever written. Birthed at the beginning of the band before we’d developed our trademark comedy and wit. It can be found on YouTube as our first, worst and currently only music vid! Enjoy.


2. Cold Cold Rain

With classy lyrics, “I wanna see you move on this night, I wanna see you move in the moonlight” This song was an instant hit. A throw back to heart break suffered by a one of the boys from the girl who left him in out in the cold cold rain! This one can be sourced on myspace and a live version on youtube.

3. Chemical Town

An ode to our school lives with tributes to the teachers who made us who we are, for better or worse. This song seems to get worse each time we play it and has deservedly been put out to pasture.  You can find it on myspace and live on youtube!x_lon_toxicspain3_150212.nbcnews-ux-1080-600

4. About you

A sad song. A very sad song. Written in our darkest hour this song provides no light. What’s it about? You. It’s all about you. Find out more here:

5. Mario land

Graeme wanted to write a song in Italian and why not. We don’t know what it means or what its about. Funnier than it sounds. Currently no access to this on line. Unlikely to change.

6. There is no spoon

Unlike for Neo sometimes a lack of spoon is a problem. Especially when you’ve been looking forward to a crunch corner all day. Yummy! Not available online.

7. Video store

What happens if you’re walking down town to the video store and you see a girl that you can’t ignore? Well if you’re Goldfish Jones you write a song about it, and a cracking song too! This one is flirting with the album. Will it get in? You decide, listen here!

8. We’ve got time

Do we? Apparently we do but we didn’t have time to ever record a demo of this one so its unlikely you’ll ever hear it. Shame.

9. Hovis

Joe wrote a song about his love of half and half hovis bread, sounds so wrong yet tastes so right! He has yet to be allowed to play it with Graeme stating,” Its actually one of the crappest things he’s ever written. Shocking.”

10. Panic street preachers.

A song dedicated to the heart wrenching moment you’re given your items and change in a shop and feel the pressure of the queue behind you. The song didn’t live up to the concept and as of yet has remained unreleased.

11. The mountain

Some song G range wrote that we can’t remember.

12. 3 second memory

By far the best of our back catalogue. This ones delves into the meaningless life of a goldfish with a three second memory, but is it really about a goldfish at all or the existential crisis we will all inevitably face at some stage in our meaningless lives? Who knows! Hear it here and don’t forget to subscribe! Sorry for misleading you with Donald Trump.