A Lonely Journey

Travelling can be a lonely thing, today as I left the emerald isle once again I had an epiphany. One of those moments that just strikes you, you can’t help but sit back and say, wow. As I sit in this high stool in Belfast International airport with 25 minutes until my gate is shown, I am eating a meal deal from Superdrug. A BLT sandwich on malted bread, a diet coke and to top it all off a wispa gold. I’m sitting people watching as you do, and wondering about the stories of my fellow lone travellers, where are they going, why? Other questions are raised like ‘should I have gone to burger king?’ and ‘WHS Smith had club rock shandy, maybe I should have tried there?’. I have seen someone who I recognise here, I believe he recognises me too, its awkward and we are certainly keeping our distance. The stress levels are quite high though because although I’m past security, what happens if me and said gentleman are sitting together. That is a social situation I don’t want to be in. The good news is that my play station and Starwars Battlefront have made it this far, so raise a bottle of coke to many happy games running things in Hoth.


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