What Brexit means for Goldfish Jones

Throughout the duration of the referendum campaign we have been bombarded with fear politics from both sides of the argument with wild claims coming from both sides. We’ve picked 5 of our favourites from each side that we found on twitter.


  1. says that that a vote to leave could see flooding increase by 15% per year
  2. say that bullying in school will increase directly as a result of leaving the EU
  3. claims that a leave vote could lead to a much higher demand for cotton wool in southern counties
  4. claims that should we vote leave demand for northern wool will sky rocket
  5. #VoteRemain claim that up to 16 community swimming pools will be shut down if we vote leave 


  1. Have claimed that a vote to remain will demoralise just under half the U.K population
  2. claims a remain vote will cause a rise in breeding of illegal fighting dogs
  3. says that a remain vote will see a greater increase of nervousness among the British people
  4. claim a vicious bout of leprosy could spring out among the people if we vote remain
  5. claim that a real life version of 8 legged freaks could occur should we choose to remain in EU #FearPolitics
  6. claim that a remain vote will lead to a significant increase in type two diabetes across the UK

Now these are all terrifying things but the thing that scares us, and we believe most people, the most is what will happen to everyone’s favourite classic comedy alternative christian Chinese traditional band Goldfish Jones?

The short answer: Nothing. It changes absolutely nothing, we’re still here and we’ll still make no money. Some bands may lose out due to the end of European arts funding but not us. “When you’ve got nothing you’ve nothing to lose” – Graeme Livingston when asked about the future of GFJ following Brexit.

Now that your mind is at ease why not enjoy some light hearted classic comedy alternative christian Chinese traditional music eh?!


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