Doing stuff then writing about it- Red Sails

“It’s been so long since we’ve had a gig, I’m gagging to get back out there mate.” – Stewart Fulton 25th April 2016

It’s April 2016 and the boys haven’t had a gig since Christmas.

“It’s been so long since we’ve had a gig, I’m gagging to get back out there mate.” says Stewart.

“I know man, I just want to get our music out there you know?!” Replied Joe

“I know exactly what you mean, going to just google gigs N.I. here” Finished Stewart

45 minutes later Stewart had the boys signed up to play at the Red sails singer songwriter competition on the 28th of July.

“Graeme’s not here then though mate” Questioned Joe

“I know man but it’ll be alright man” Said Stewart.

Jump forward several months and its the day of the big gig. The boys are quite frankly bricking their nags.

“Why did we sign up for this man? It’s going to be brutal!” Exclaimed Joe

“I don’t know, I DON’T KNOW! We need G range here, I’m lost without him” Replied a frantic Stewart.

“I’m a frothing and a foaming with nerves pal, we can’t sing we’re idiots. Can we just Christian Bail?” Said Joe

“I wish we could but we’re here now and these people are expecting us to play man” Whispered Stewart.

At this point Joe turned to face the packed out crowd of about 10 people.

“Ah kak, you’re right man no turning back now”

“Ok this ones called Raul, join in the chorus if you can pick it up!”

And the gig had begun. The boys were 2nd up from a line up of 9. It was pouring down, the terrible weather fit nicely with an even worse performance. The crowd was left nonplussed as the boys belted out their three songs with little reason rhythm or rhyme. By the end people were simple clapping because it was over. The don’t know where they came but it wasn’t first or second. Could have been third but probably closer to last.

“Well man, we didn’t win but at least its over” Said a dejected Joe

“Yeah I guess you could say that, I guess you could say that.”