Truly Average: 7 Things we learnt from the first episode

Truly Average

As the latest attempt by Goldfish Jones Productions to break into the comedy world Truly Average has a mountain to climb following the largely negative response to 31. Despite this it manages to serve up many laughs, debuting  on the 3rd February 2016 to largely positive reviews. With people across the globe clamouring for more we share 7 things we’ve learned from the first episode.  

1. Roy Hodgson Could be anywhere! 

In the opening scene we are treated to a ‘Cloverfield-esque’ horror spoof in which lead protagonist Toby Jackson wakes to find himself scared, alone, in darkness and hearing noises. We are taken on a frightfest journey to  discover that the monster at the end is none other than the England manager himself (Roy Hodgson) simply looking for a glass of milk! Now its clear that the boys have put some money into acquiring these face masks so I can only assume we’ll be seeing Roy is some more surprising situations, whether it be stopping an estate agent in his tracks or haunting professional footballers dreams, I for one can’t wait to find out! roy.pngImage Credit : Goldfish Jones Productions

2. The boys don’t know how to spell

It’s clear to see we aren’t dealing with English students. An unfortunate case of unprofessional ism sees several misspelt  words (Including truly-spelt truely!- found in the title sequence) – unless it’s deliberate in which case very well played! Are the boys deliberately trying to play up their ‘Everyone thinks we’re idiots persona’ or was it simply an unfortunate mistake? I geuss we’ll never know. 

truly averag      Image Credit : Goldfish Jones Productions

3. Editing skills have vastly improved

To see the fruits of this simply watch the opening credits. Done with a smooth flow we are treated to seeing many of our beloved characters seemingly living under one roof. Despite all of these characters being played by only two people the way it has been edited together makes it feel as if they really do live in one big fun house we’d all want to join- room for one more?!  On top of this the sound has been well equalised throughout the episode, thankfully no more burst ear drums Mr. Drake!!! 

drake        Image Credit: The Portland Mercury

4. The boys have accents aplenty! 

Whether it be harsh Northern Irish accents worrying about spilt yoghurt or fearful English tossers, the boys have you covered. With a wide range that also includes various regional american accents (American Teen Drama, Blue or death) its clear that there has been much practising had in the studio. We can’t wait to see what crazy accents (and characters) you come out with next! blue.png          Image Credit: Goldfish Jones Productions

5. McMagic Arthur will blow your mind

In this first episode we are treated to a one take, zero edit shot of McMagic Arthur and his card trick. Yes that’s right ONE TAKE. If, like me and many others, you assumed there was some sort of camera trickery which allows McMagic to pull off this amazing trick then you need to look again. Look closely and you’ll see its all in one take.I even emailed the production staff and they confirmed there was no trickery involved, McMagic simply has a gift. Rumour has it he’ll be taking it out on the streets to see what the public make of it in real life. I can not wait to see this. This card trick is a game changer and its here to stay!mcmagic.pngImage Credit: Goldfish Jones Productions

6. The soundtrack is banging

Some seriously stinking beats in here! From slamming anthems such as the shows opener (Different drum by The Stone Poneys) to the closing cracker (I want your love by Chic ) we are well and truly treated to some blasters that we can’t but help smiling to. Including  classics like Blue Hotel by Chris Isaak and Ne me quitte pas by Jacques Brel this is a soundtrack to transport you into another world. What’s more its even been put into a handy youtube playlist for you to enjoy at you leisure. Trulyosun.pngImage Credit: Youtube

7. Look out for some memorable cameos

Sometimes its nice to see someone other than the regular cast memebers. This is something the boys have realised and have begun using their infulences to bring in some new hot young talent for some short cameo roles. These include Graeme Livingston in his recurring role as the menacing Visser (Made out of granite 2) and Gideon Cordner aka slow clap. Who else will feature? We can’t wait to find out!


Image Credit: Goldfish Jones Productions

Don’t take our word on everything though, find out for yourself here, hope you enjoy and share your feedback in the comments.


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